enterprise commitment

Health and Safety of Workplace

AVer Information Inc. is OHSAS 18001 certified since 2007. Based on the framework established in the system, we strive to comply with the strict requirements of occupational health and safety set forth by government regulations and international standards, aiming at providing employees a safe and hygienic workplace. With “zero accident” as the objective, we standardize our management procedures about chemical substances control and safety audit, formulate emergency reaction plans and incorporate them in our daily operation and/or regular practice. We also conduct risk assessment regularly to identify potential hazards and take preventative countermeasures to keep them from threatening life, damaging properties or impacting the environment.

Health and Safety of Workplace

AVer’s corporate mission states, “We are committed to enriching entertainment experience and promoting effective communication among people. We strive to be a global corporate citizen that contributes to the society.” Through business activities that we engage in various countries and regions, we take initiative in contributing ourselves to the harmonious and sustainable development of the society and environment. AVer’s social responsibility guidelines conform to local, national and international laws and regulations. The guideliens also align well with AVer’s corpoarte culture, i.e. “Humanity-Based: Self-Reflection, Self-Transcendence, Honesty & Integrity”, as well as AVer’s corporate core values, i.e. “Being Down-to-Earth, Creating Values, Contirbuting Ourselves, Serving People” For ensuring the company’s sustainable operation and development, we communicate open-heartedly and establish sound relationship with stakeholders so that AVer can become a trust-worthy organization. AVer’s employees understand and act in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • We protect consumers' rights.
  • We protect employees' rights and well-beings, and seek to establish healthy relationship with them.
  • we select our business partners prudently and seek to establish long-term, mutually-beneficial relationship with them.
  • We dedicate ourselves to corporate governance and protect shareholders' interest.
  • we devote resources to environmental protection to ensure business continuity.
  • we stive to establish harmonious relationship with local communities.
  • we engage ourselves in social contribution activities.
Social Contribution

AVer Information is committed to enriching entertainment experiences and promoting effective communication among people. We strive to be a corporation dedicated to serving society, based on the concepts of being down-to-earth, creating value and contributing ourselves. To every employee of AVer, integrity in running business, devotion to creating value, protection of the mother earth, service to people and contribution to society are our important social responsibilities. We practice these core concepts through activities, such as education involvement programs, environmental protection, and various forms of charity works and donations. An internal volunteer passport system is also established to encourage staff to assist people in need of care.

Education Involvement Programs

Education is one of the best solutions to end poverty. AVer Information endeavors to develop interactive teaching tools that make learning more interesting and efficient. We host Taiwan Innovative Teaching Contest in elementary and junior high schools periodically to inspire the creativity for improving teaching efficiency and fun. Self-manufactured Document Cameras are donated to elementary schools in remote areas to bridge the equipment gap of digitized teaching/learning. The company also encouraged employees, as volunteers, to participate in the after-school study accompaniment for children from low-wage families and the storytelling project for school kids in remote areas.

Environmental Protection

AVer Information takes actions to protect the environment. From design, procurement, manufacture to deliver, our products and processes are strictly controlled to meet the requirements of international environmental protection regulations. Inside AVer’s office building and manufacturing plant, we implement energy saving, carbon reduction and garbage classification schemes and promote them throughout the organization. Moreover, the company encourages staff members, their families and friends to join participate in the annual “Clean up the World” campaign and ecology conservation activities. Believing that every great achievement originates from small steps and private individuals, we work from my own self and hope to arouse the general public’s attention to environmental protection.

Charity Works and Donations

AVer Information responds to the needs of general welfare and cares for the disadvantaged. The company organizes donations of blood, books and clothing on a regular basis, and takes timely response to the calls for emergency relieves and charity needs.

Valuing Employees

AVer has established a people-oriented corporate culture, of which the realization relies on the availability of “suitable” people. AVer’s employees are asked to possess the characters of honesty and integrity, self-reflection and self-transcendence. Our personnel employment policy is to recruit and develop talents that meet the human resources need for business strategy deployment. We provide open, fair and equal employment opportunities to all candidates, and offer adequate positions according to their capabilities. Through the establishment of personnel competence database and the implementation of training system, we ensure our employees have the needed skill sets to fully realize their potentials at AVer. It is also our obligation to adopt humanization in workplace design so that employees’ occupational safety and health can be upheld.