learning development framework

In order to create an innovative learning environment, strengthen employee’s professional skills, and enhance the learning environment of the organization, AVer Information develops comprehensive learning maps to suit each individual employee and his/her particular career plan.

The company has in place a system that builds a professional learning development roadmap for each employee based on the company’s organizational strategy, the core functions of the employee’s position and his/her personal career development demands.

The company will also customize performance management plans based upon the employee’s job requirements, performance objectives and career development needs. This is done to help the employee learn and grow on the job, enriching his/her professional knowledge and skills one step at a time.

Employee training courses

AVer provides a full range of training courses based on individual needs, and our courses are conducted using multiple instructional methods. Other than standard corporate training courses, we design courses to investigate and discuss different modes of study, arrange engaging activities, and conduct case studies and group discussions, all making learning more effective. Besides, using our E-learning system, employees can participate in these learning activities anytime and anywhere.

Specialized training for production workers

We invite outstanding engineers and technical managers to give lectures and teach work methods and skills for a variety of positions all to ensure employees continue to grow and expand their understanding of their work.